More Than A Babysitter

Preschool should be more than just supervised group play. However, a rigid environment with scripted academics is not in the best interest of small children either. Kids learn best through hands-on activities and games that are a combination of fun and academic stimulation. Preschool provides an environment in which children will become prepared to read, socialize, and explore the world around them.

Reading Readiness

Some children are eager to read at a young age, while others are more hesitant. Early reading does not necessarily predict future academic achievement and children should be given enriching activities that teach language skills, such as rhyming and letter recognition, without having to decipher text before they are ready. An enriching preschool environment equips children with the tools they will need to succeed as a reader during their school years.

Social Experience

One of the most essential skills kids take away with them from their preschool experience is how to socialize with their peers. At this young age, children are just learning how to take turns with their classmates, stand in line patiently, and raise their hand when they want to ask a question. Understanding which behaviors are acceptable in a school environment helps set your child up for success during kindergarten.

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Learning About School

Successful Montessori schools in Fremont focus on helping your son or daughter learn the basics of a learning and classroom environment that will prepare them for the school years that follow preschool. The Montessori program will teach children how to be interested and excited about what they are learning, how to ask questions when they are not sure about something, and how to pay attention when the teacher or others are speaking.

Nurture Your Child's Future

A hallmark characteristic of successful people, both young and old, is inquisitiveness. Preschool is the perfect environment for nurturing your budding scientist, artist, or explorer. Kids get to investigate topics that don’t come up during regular home life and develop an understanding of the world and how it works. Naturally inquisitive students will find answers and the encouragement to further explore their growing interests during their preschool years. So, yes, preschool does matter.